Endless white beaches

You will find here the individual travel itinerary to one of the most beautiful coastlines of Africa with its swaying palm trees, long-dune, fringed beaches, turquoise waters and plenty options for adventures. It’s still well off most of the travelers‘ maps, while it surely is an undiscovered gem, waiting for you to explore it. You will be rewarded with magical, white beaches that seem to be never-ending, inviting you for fun walks lasting for hours. This adventure is easily combined with a journey through South Africa and eSwatini.

Sept. 2019: Hello, Bonjour and Bom Dia from the Maputo province in Mozambique. The southern coastline of Mozambique is very safe and bears a low risk of Malaria while offering a stunning range of adventurous opportunities around the maritime life. Book a flight and jump in for the journey of a lifetime as long as this coastline has still its unique wilderness. Bybe bye, salut and adeus

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