about me

I’m Janine.

Half-French, half-German, I love traveling the globe, exploring new cultures and enjoying the wonders given by our nature. Especially the African continent has my heart and I am mesmerized by its magical beauty. No wonder I have a deep passion for Southern Africa, its wilderness, wildlife and landscapes.  An astonishingly divers region enriched by breathtaking landscapes, prolific wildlife and ancient culture.

Originally from Germany, my heart wanders the world and admires the Southern African continent. I dream about the African savannah, its vastness, its natural richness and its beauty. Southern Africa is Africa at its very best.

There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky and you ask „What if I fall?“ – „Oh but my darling, what if you fly?“

Erin Hanson

That is why I make my dreams come true: 1.) Flashback April 2019: I flew to Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, to volunteer at a private game reserve in the western part of the country. It’s actually not so far from the largest, most beautiful and just the greatest waterfall in the world that I was attracted to during a vacation in the past. Of course it soaked my clothes until the last layers. However, a wonderful experience to be this close to the mighty Zambezi river falling into the gorge.

This fabulous country raised a passion and curiosity within myself, leading to a fantastic research of opportunities how I could interact and actively participate within these wonders. Finally, I found this great possibility of equine program and received the chance to help curing horses and stay at a reserve for a three-months period. At MARES I tried to cure a little foal while at Cawston Wildlife Estate I interacted with horses and other wildlife. Surely, I learned a lot about wildlife, African culture and living in harmony with nature.

2.) Flashback December 2020: Life will take you where you want if you dare to dream your dreams! I am lucky enough to have found a job in Mother City, Cape Town where I will be living for some time. This new journey starts a bit later than planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic but it won’t make it any less adventurous at all. My Cape Town holiday back in 2018 showed me that this beautiful city is a place I want to call my home. The stunning sunsets, the fabulous vineyards and all the magnificent hiking trails are just waiting for me to be explored.

South Africa got my heart and didn’t let me down when I was looking for opportunities. Finally, I signed my contract, patiently waited for COVID to make the plans for me and booked my flight to move to the African continent in the midst of a pandemic to enjoy my first Christmas under the African hot sun. Welcome to my adventures!