southern africa

Raw wilderness

Find here some possible individual travel routes that could give you some new ideas and hopefully help you to plan your own individual self-drive experience in Southern Africa. I planned all these tours by myself, some with a tented car others without. Upfront you can find here some helpful advices while planning your own individual travel route:

  • 4 WD – Depending on the country and adventure level you would like to experience I would recommend you to take a 4WD as roads can be quite adventurous in this region (e.g. Botswana, northern part of Namibia, etc.).
  • Insurance coverage – When renting a car, always make sure you are covered and got the appropriate insurance cover.
  • Border crossing papers – If you wish to cross borders in Africa make sure you got all the needed papers from your car rental company to avoid unnecessary hassles.
  • Permit – For some specific countries (e.g. Mozambique) make sure your rental company will allow you upfront to enter. In other cases you need to ask the car rental company for permission, so make sure you got this permit.
  • Adequate equipment – in several countries you are required to have some important utensils handy in your car such a reflector jackets, fire extinguisher or warning triangle (e.g. Mozambique). So make sure your renting companies provides you with everything to avoid any issues when the police will stop you.
  • International drivers license – Most of the countries request an international drivers license if your own license is not in English.
  • Accommodation – you might want to book some accommodations in advance if you are traveling during high or peak season, this includes campsites.

You will find here individual travel routes through: