The mystery of things disappearing in Africa

Hello, Bonjour and Molweni from Cape Town where I live and work for two years. Due to the ongoing pandemic, I have arrived about 9 months later than planned. But I think all of us have realized by now that planning and COVID-19 are not much compatible.

Saturday morning is market day at the Oranjezicht farmer‘s market that I visited. I was amazed how many people they let in during COVID-19 times with cases going up here these days. The market was very crowded, at least in my opinion. However, it’s a beautiful one and I thought to be in paradise. They even had Flammkuchen!

Even though I am 13.000 km away from home, there are many people that speak German here. When I said in German „this is paradise for me“ a random girl just answered in German „for me as well“, so always watch out what you are talking about in any language here 🙂

Besides apartment hunting, I went for a hike in Kirstenbosch. It was planned to be a short hike before an apartment viewing but turned out to be three hours walking up and down on the edge of Table Mountain. I had to run every now and then just to make sure I will be on time for the next apartment appointment. The silvertree trail surely turned out to be not so easy as I wished for, but some of the views were gorgeous. I could almost see until Muizenberg!

While being amazed, I suddenly heard the noise that is the only one that will always give me a freight: bee sounds, many. I just walked by a tree that was home for a bee hive, there must have been so many that I was too afraid to actually turn and look at them, I just ran past by. Luckily they didn’t follow me. Now, I had enough of this hike and just wanted to be back in Kirstenbosch, after crossing rocks, small waterfalls and another few bends hiking up and down again along the Table Mountain I finally found the parking lot. I will surely come back to view more of the garden and do other hikes.

„There is always something new out of Africa.“

Pliny the Elder

I moved to my new temporary self-catering home at the V&A Waterfront in the Marina or also called Fort Knox by me; it takes time to get in and out, even with appropriate badges and keys. The views from my new home are magnificent though, palm trees and the canals just in front if my windows! Every morning I wake up to the calling of the seagulls, it’s lovely. Nevertheless, here are too many mosquitoes that sometimes turn my nights into days.

From the gym class, I can watch and hear the seals playing in the ocean just in front of me. This is about the best view I can get when exercising. Definitely something to be enjoyed as long as I am here!

My first grocery shopping in Cape Town was on my list as I have to stock up food. It ended up to be a bit of a desaster. First, I realized that I was running late, by 6 or 7pm many of the stores close and it was already 6.30pm. Then, I was feeling not so comfortable to park on Main Road and to jump into Woolworths, so I just drove by without buying anything. Lastly, I parked in the V&A Waterfront to be looking in this huge mall for a Pick‘n‘Pay. I finally found it and ran through the supermarket, grabbed everything that I thought would be helpful to cook a decent meal. But I had time running against me. In the end, I didn’t buy much and had to realize at home that some items I put in the trolley hadn’t found their way into my kitchen. 

I don’t know what it is in Africa but it’s always here where things just disappear that I know exactly I had placed into my trolley or vehicle. It reminds me on the life saving jackets that were in the car in Joburg but were never to be found again or the pump that I used to deflate my tires on a gravel road in Mozambique that I had put in the car but also was never to be seen again (read the border crossing into Mozambique). It seems to be my story with Africa.

Again, in this new incident no root cause analysis is possible as I just don’t know how this could have happened. I know exactly that some of the items I placed them into my trolley but for whatever reason they were just no where to be found at home. To summarize it up, it was just a big fail and next time I got to plan this grocery shopping thing to hopefully find food I like in my kitchen. Things are surely running not as smooth as back home.

My newest lessons learned in my new home town:

  1. Grocery shopping for pros – make sure all grocery items in your trolley find their way over the cash counter,
  2. Names, names, names – familiarize yourself with the names of the housing blocks when hunting for apartments as the street name is rarely mentioned &
  3. Bee alarm – you might find a bee hive in the tree next to you closer than you would like when hiking in Kirstenbosch!

Cheers to wandering the world and exploring my new home town – bye bye, salut and hamba kakuhle ∞

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