2021 starting off with a Lion‘s Head

Hello, Bonjour and Molweni from Cape Town where I live and work for two years. Due to the ongoing pandemic, I have arrived about 9 months later than planned. But I think all of us have realized by now that planning and COVID-19 are not much compatible.

Just before New Year’s Eve, I moved to the waterfront on the other side of the mountain. Very convenient as it’s much easier to organize my apartment viewings from this side. I truly want to live by the ocean and hope to find a great place to stay.

However, I must admit on this side of the mountain, people really need to learn how to social distance. Sometimes it’s just frustrating how they behave as if there is no COVID around here.

During the past few days, I walked around Green Point, Sea Point and Mouille Point to see which area I like most. There is a good amount of stock of apartments on the market these days and I have seen quite a few already. Some of the views are just unbeatable! 

„Nothing but breathing the air of Africa, and actually walking through it, can communicate the indescribable sensations.”

William Burchell

Besides, I spent an afternoon at Constantia Glen, a wine farm that is about less than a thirty minutes drive from the waterfront. The sun was shining when I left the hotel but by the time I arrived at the farm, it was quite chilly, overcast and it even started raining. Nevertheless, it didn’t spoil the views at all! 

Unfortunately, we are in adjusted lockdown level 3, which means that no alcohol can be served anywhere and restaurants must close by 8pm due to the curfew. However, the food and tea was still delicious at Constantia Glen!

My first New Year’s Eve under the warm sun came very quickly and I enjoyed the warmer evening nights than I am usually used to when waiting on the new year to start. There was only a very short fireworks highlight as it was forbidden to have it this year. But does it actually matter if you are in a beautiful city with the views on the marina?!

2020, you were kind of a special year and I have to say even though you ended with a gorgeous surprise, I am keen for 2021 to start kicking in. Hopefully it won’t make the same mistakes as 2020, I pray it has learned from the previous year!

1 January 2021 started off with a good Capetonian windy day, where I had to learn to hold on tight to my breakfast or to find it on my clothes instead my stomach! Afterwards, I started the day with a beautiful hike up to Lion’s Head. The views were stunning from every single point and not many people were there, which made the hiking a lot more comfortable! At the top, I spotted some very cute dassies, some naughty sterlings and shy lizards, while indulging in the epic views towards the ocean, Camps Bay and table mountain. What a lucky girl I am to call this city my new home!

„It’s really beautiful. It feels like God visits everywhere else but lives in Africa.”

Will Smith

My new lessons learned in my new home town:

  1. Warm starting – You can enjoy the last seconds of a year without a big winter coat;
  2. Space, space, space – During COVID times you will easily find a parking lot at the Lion’s Head parking lot & 
  3. Windy dance – Hold on tight to your glasses when the wind starts his own dance!

Cheers to wandering the world and exploring my new home town – bye bye, salut and hamba kakuhle ∞

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